Change Climat Change 4 -13 octubre 2022 en Italia

Intercambio Juvenil con 24 jóvenes, de Italia, Grecia, Rumanía y España

6 jóvenes/país de 18 a 25 años (hasta 30 posible)
Cuota de inscripción: 80,-€ (reducida 50,-€)
Eco-hostel Parco Monte Barro. Como Lake, Italy.
TEMA: Sostenibilidad y acciones climáticas/ sustainability and climate actions

Ficha de Inscripción aquí

SUMMARY: “#ChangeClimateChange” Youth Exchange aims to raise awareness on the issue of
climate crisis and the effect of climate change on our planet and its biodiversity. The project will take
place inside a regional park and protected area where, together with professional guides, we will
understand the impact that a non-sustainable lifestyle had on the flora and fauna. We will discuss
about local issues our countries are living and try to find solutions through activism and networking.
Through non-formal education activities, the participants will be invited to think about and discuss
possible changes in their individual behaviours and at the collective level in their communities.

● To improve critical thinking on environmental issues;
● To improve observation in nature;
● To raise awareness on environmental crisis;
● To share good sustainable practices;
● To learn how to work in an intercultural team;
● Develop activism and participation in community life;
● To learn more about European opportunities.
The main questions the participants will face are:
● What is biodiversity? Why is it so important?
● What is climate change? How was it caused? What are the consequences?
● What can I do to make a change?
The project does not aim to give answers to all of these questions but to help participants to find the information they need and to improve their abilities on critical thinking and active listening. To do so, they will meet different experts and scientists that will lead them through the ecosystem of the Regional Park of Monte Barro near Lake Como.
Legambiente Lecco Onlus /
Via Balassi, 23851 Eremo di Monte Barro Galbiate (LC)
● outdoor activities to promote cooperation and team building;
● non-formal education activities to practice active observation;
● peer to peer activities to share upcycling experiences and examples;
● group dynamics and games to implement intercultural communication;
● learning by doing to increase participation and inclusion;
● creative labs to put in practice the acquired competences;
● a final exhibition where to show what has been learned.
The Youth Exchange will be based on non-formal education with a “learning by doing” approach, through concrete examples presented by local environmental organisations and experts, group-works and workshops on the topics, excursions, documentaries and movies, role games…

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