Get Here, get Heard

Intercambio Juvenil del 1 al 8 de agosto de 2017 en Magdeburgo, Alemania.
urban culture | youth participation

Los paises participantes son Alemania, Italia, Rumanía y España.
Tenemos 5 plazas para jóvenes entre 15 y 22 años del medio rural preferiblemente, y residentes en España!

Inscripciones aquí
Cuota de inscripción 120,-€ (viaje y programa incluido)
Personas de contacto: Nani 644307531, Pablo 687663134


urban culture | youth participation
The focus of “Get Here, Get Heard!” lays on urban culture (graffiti, street art, hip hop etc.) as an expression of resistance to long-standing social traditions / certainties within our society. The participants have multiple opportunities to participate in creative workshops and shall thus
realize that creative forms of expression offer opportunities to question what is seen as natural in our society and to initiate innovation within their surroundings. The workshops are substantiated by discussion rounds and reflection times to give them the possibility to share experiences and opinions on what they have seen and done.

They shall “record” their exchange and experiences in an exhibition of photos taken during the week and in a radio feature produced by themselves.
- photography and radio
- Peace Monuments
- graffiti, parkour, dance
Other acitivities
- city rallye, movie night, country nights,
excursion, street art competition

Proyecto cofinanciado por el programa europeo ERASMUS+ y el Land Sajonia-Anhalt        

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